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"Never doubt that a small group of individuals can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has," Margaret Mead.

The mission of the Sierra Group is to make a significant, noticeable difference in the lives of the people we work with through community service in Philadelphia and beyond. Our corporate goal is to reverse the rate of unemployment for people with disabilities in America . This is the guiding principle that directs our actions both corporately and in our community. View select community activities.

To achieve our goals, we cannot act alone. Therefore, The Sierra Group and its professionals are committed to partnering with our community through financial contributions, volunteer work, and The Sierra Group's Workplace Foundation in a wide variety of ways.

  • Each year 10% of Sierra Group's revenues are donated to various charitable organizations to help individuals with disabilities obtain the life skills, training, technology and supports they desire.
  • Sierra Group's principal shareholders, together with our staff and family and friends founded the Sierra Group's Workplace Foundation. This private operating foundation responds to individual request for assistance, educates the community regarding life-enhancing technologies, and gives insight and expertise to our nation's leaders through its bipartisan advocacy efforts. For more information or to assist please visit
  • Realizing that time and expertise are sometimes more valuable than money, Sierra Group's CEO Janet Fiore dedicates 20% of her work each year to volunteer work including regional, state and national board participation, speaking and public outreach activities that fall in line with her personal mission and corporate stand.
  • As an entrepreneurial woman with a disability this CEO encourages and affords her team members the chance to do the same.
  • Corporately Sierra Group donates in excess of 800 hours of community service each year to organizations and individuals whose efforts are in line with the guiding principles that drive this corporation.


RecruitMilitary LLC, Connects Employers with Job Seekers who have Military Backgrounds

Disabled Worker Advocates in Philadelphia - Recruitment Military Logo RecruitMilitary, LLC, connects employers with job seekers who have military backgrounds. The company works with The Sierra Group and The Sierra Group Foundation to help employers hire veterans with disabilities. Through this three-way partnership, a typical employer that has a job opening can gain access to a carefully selected veteran who has a disability and is highly qualified for the job—or a small group of such veterans—along with information regarding accommodations and employment incentives for hiring veterans with disabilities.

RecruitMilitary's connectivity tools include outsourced professional recruiting, RecruitMilitary Career Fairs for veterans and others with military backgrounds, and online hiring products.  The company serves veterans who already have civilian work experience, men and women or are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, members of the National Guard and reserves, and military spouses. All of RecruitMilitary's hiring services are free to the job seekers. RecruitMilitary is based in Cincinnati and was founded in 1998 by Drew Myers, formerly a Captain in the Marine Corps. All of the company's owners, officers, account executives, and recruiters are either veterans or active or former reservists.

The Sierra Group and our Workplace Foundation's disabled worker advocates haveDisabled Worker Advocates in Philadelphia - Employment Incentives Logoworked jointly to sponsor, create and maintain an employer focused website This site provides a one stop means for an employer to gain ready access to a vast array of information and forms to use when applying for the myriad of hiring incentives that exist when a business employs or retains a person with a disability. Designed to simplify access to such incentives has both Federal and State - Pennsylvania forms available. Additional states will be added in the future so be sure to sign up for the Newsletter or to request an Employment Incentives Workshop at your location.



Sierra Group lauded in Public Private Partnership:

Newsletter for Disabled Worker Advocates - PhiladelphiaOVeRVIEW is a monthly online publication with news and events of interest to customers of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Pennsylvanians with disabilities. This issue of OVeRVIEW celebrates the collaborative public-private efforts of The Sierra Group, Liberty Resources, and OVR. Click on the thumbnail image or text link below to read or download the newsletter.

Download or read OVeRVIEW. PDF - 153 K



You can contact the disabled worker advocates of The Sierra Group via e-mail:, or by phone at 1.800.973.7687.