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Join now: The main goal of the Business Leadership Network (BLN) is employment. Employers, therefore, are encouraged to talk with members of the business community that have already been successful in hiring employees with a disability. It is hoped that this peer-to-peer interaction will assist employers in learning more about where they can recruit job seekers with a disability and more about the community resources that are available to provide support.

Even though it is hoped that employers will participate in the Business Leadership Network by committing to hire qualified individuals with a disability, there are a variety of ways employers can participate in the BLN.

Some other examples are:

  • Be on mailing list to receive educational information about the hiring and training of individuals with a disability and local resources.

  • Participate in local meetings as recommended by the BLN executive leadership.

  • Include information about the BLN and upcoming activities in company/association newsletter or mailings.

  • Provide one or two brief presentations about the BLN to business organizations.

  • Assist in the development, review and/or maintenance of a Web site and other materials for the BLN.

  • Attend and/or send staff to BLN educational activities.

  • Share a success story and/or strategies with other employers at a meeting, or in the form of an article for the BLN newsletter.

  • Participate in the Volunteer Interview Network of Employers (VINE) to provide individuals with a disability the opportunity for valuable interview practice.

  • Host meetings/training at their place of business.

  • Sponsor BLN events/promotional materials.

  • Provide an internship/work experience to a person with a disability.

  • Participate in a mentoring program for a person with a disability.

The BLN can develop into anything that the business community desires. This Business Leadership Network is a resource to employers that enables them to actually hire and/or promote the hiring of people with a disability.



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