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"Janet Fiore Speaks" is a service of The Sierra Group, Inc.

  • Keynotes
  • Seminar sessions

As a CEO who 'pioneered an industry'; and lives with and accommodates her own disability everyday, Janet Fiore delivers keynote addresses on a wide variety of disability and workplace topics.

Keynotes for Professionals:

  • "Workplace Diversity: How to Incorporate Sensitivity, Adaptability, Productivity & Compliance in a Nine to Five World."
  • "What is Diversity - and Where do I fit in?"
  • "The Workforce of the Future - high tech, high touch and high rate of turnover.... Answers for a Changing Economy"
  • Untapped Potential
  • Leadership, Diversity and Surviving Change

Keynotes for Individuals with Disabilities and Rehabilitation Professionals:

  • "Fitting in - Today's Workforce and Disability"
  • "Fitting in - Today's Educational Experience and Disability"

Breakout Sessions for Professionals:

  • "Free Government Money - Really, You can Afford to Include Disability in your Workplace"
  • "The Compliance Alliance - How to Do good while meeting government standards"
  • "ROI - How to use Ergonomics and Technology to Reduce Turnover, Workers Compensation & LTD costs"

Breakout Sessions for Individuals, Parents and Educators:

  • "Free Government Money - How to Access and Maximize Resources for the Student with a Disability"
  • "Where do I want to Work?"
  • "What does an Employer Expect"
  • "Sensitivity: It's a Two-Way Street!"
  • "Do I really want to be an Entreprenuer?"

Janet Fiore is a frequently sought out keynote speaker who can also serve as conference moderator and session leader to add energy, enthusiasm and expertise to your next event.

You can contact The Sierra Group via e-mail or by phone at 1.800.973.7687.