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Our Mission

The Sierra Group is driven by a drive to make a significant and meaningful difference in people’s lives. We do that by Motivating a Movement to end workplace exclusion for people with disabilities in order to drive up employment for Americans with disabilities and to serve organizations with the same desire to impact lives.

Our Method

The Hierarchy of Inclusion is a methodology that aims to end workplace exclusion for Americans with disabilities. Our proven method can be used to address accommodation both individually and systemically through planned accessibility of physical and digital spaces, processes and procedures.

Your Success

Sierra brings creative solutions to all types of work environments, which are adaptable for any type of disability, including any degree of physical, cognitive, intellectual disability as well as any work related accommodations needed due to mental illness or chronic conditions.


Achieve Your Inclusion Goals

Experience Matters

The Sierra Group helps organizations achieve Inclusion goals, meet ADA and OFCCP compliance standards and benefit from the talents of workers with Disabilities.

Since 1992, we’ve been committed to making a significant and noticeable difference in the lives of the business professionals, individuals, educational institutions and vocational rehab professionals who honor us with their business. Our services can help you in your journey to recognize, learn, implement, or motivate as you approach your own Diversity, Equity & Inclusion competency goals.

Together we will include the 61 million Americans living and working with disabilities as they strive to reach their career goals.

The Sierra Group
Janet D. Fiore

Janet Fiore

CEO, The Sierra Group, Inc.
President, The Sierra Group Foundation

Janet Fiore, CEO of The Sierra Group

Janet Fiore, a national authority on disability, diversity and compliance policy and procedure for business, is the President and CEO of The Sierra Group. She’s an award-winning speaker and consultative trainer who routinely provides media input as well as testimony for Congress, the GSA and the Department of Veterans Affairs. As a woman with numerous disabilities, Janet combines her business and rehabilitation expertise, along with her own professional and personal accommodation experiences in order to ‘drive up’ employment success for all of her customers.

Every day we set out to find at least ‘one more way’ to drive up employment for Americans with Disabilities.

Sierra’s History Follows Legislative History

In 1990, The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into Law, thus driving the formation of Sierra Group

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President George Bush signing into law the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 on the South Lawn of the White House

1992 - The Sierra Group was formed

In 1992, Rehab Act Amendments mandated people with most significant disabilities be served first by State VR agencies.

The Sierra Group was formed to Provide Assistive Technology to job seekers with significant disabilities and to consult and train American businesses on the employment title of the ADA.

In 1998, Sec 508 Federal law Requiring US Government agencies provide equal access to electronic information technology.

Sierra Group wins contract to train GSA procurement officials in awareness and use of AT devices to comply with this digital inclusion requirement.

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Businesswoman with visual impairment, standing in front of her building

1999 ~ 2013 - Sierra’s ADA and accommodation services for business grow exponentially.

In 2009, The ADAAA Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 becomes law conforming the meaning of term disability with Section 504 of the Rehab Act, thereby ruling “in” more people with disabilities as covered employees.

Sierra launches The Sierra Group Academy and offers assistive tech services in 22 counties and recognized as an innovative leader for disability inclusion and advocacy through community involvement, legislative actions, public speaking, and award recognition.

In 2013, US Dept. of Labor’s OFCCP sets a 7% Rule that established trackable goals to require Federal Government to be intentional about recruiting, hiring and retaining workers with disabilities .

Sierra Group launches RecruitDisability job board and expands on-call accommodations services for organizations charged with meeting diverse recruitment goals.

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Programmer in wheelchair working at computer with cybersecurity team.

2018 ~ 2023 - Sierra responds to the marketplace

Digital Accessibility for users with disabilities grows due to WCAG guidelines, court decisions and the DOJ Ruling website accessibility cause newfound energy to by business and government to adhere to fully inclusive worksites and tools. Sierra continues to expand its legislative led demands with learn as you go professional development tools for recruiters, managers and line workers.

Sierra launches a 360 Collaborative providing Accommodation and Digital Accessibility tools for equality in every workplace.


The Hierarchy Of Inclusion

The Sierra Group is your 360° Resource For All Aspects of Disability Inclusion


Gain basic disability etiquette and awareness online at your own pace while motivating a movement for deeper workplace inclusion for those with disabilities.

Learn to Accommodate

Once a baseline of understanding is achieved, it’s time to develop skills that broaden your ability to include, interview, and onboard more candidates with disabilities. Successful accommodation multiplies opportunities for people with disabilities.


The Sierra Group offers one-on-one consulting, along with accommodation experts and coaches who will guide you through workplace compliance that leads to increased productivity and superior diversity outcomes.


With successful implementation, your organization joins with thousands of others who are committed to Motivating a Movement to end workplace exclusion for people with disabilities.

Janet Fiore & Seth Acosta

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The Sierra Group Will Help You Achieve Your Inclusion Goals in everything from etiquette and sensitivity to empowered actions for inclusive results.