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ADA Accommodations

It’s not always easy or comfortable to say yes or no to an employee’s request for reasonable ADA accommodations. The mere mention of this request can cause fear of job security for the person asking and, concerns around productivity, legal requirements, and co-worker reactions for supervisors , and HR compliance teams.

Programmer in wheelchair working at computer with cybersecurity team.

As a 3rd party provider, Sierra consultants fill the gap with experience, compassion and over 30 years of experience navigating the needs of business and employees with disabilities. This 3rd Party Accommodation consultant service is done by the hour, or via an on call retainer arrangement.

As your organization’s 3rd party accommodation expert, Sierra gathers input from the employee, the supervisor, and HR before recommending an accommodation. We then recommend and deploy time defined trials of the accommodation while checking in routinely with all stakeholders. The result: accommodations that are respectful, and value added to all. This ensures the greatest level of employee retention and performance. It also debunks stigma around what a person with a disability can or cannot do. It opens the minds of all involved to possibility. Co-workers see this degree of flexibility and performance and are often inspired to reach greater levels for themselves at their organizations.

Sometimes, the accommodation process may include, the provision of a professional job coach. Sierra’s job coaches are professionals who are experienced in 3-way communications, job duty observation and thereby design strategic coaching sessions to enable employees whose disability is affecting work performance to become more productive and confident in delivery of day-to-day workplace duties.

Professional development in the area of ADA and accommodations is often recommended as part of our 3rd Party Accommodations services package. Start with a Spot Audit to identify your needs, or take part in one of our Professional Development courses today.

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The Sierra Group is a nationally acclaimed workplace consultancy that facilitates trainings to entice radical change in disability hiring practices.


Seeking Inclusion for Everyone Requiring Reasonable Accommodation

Job Coaching in warehouse with two people using forklift and one is in wheelchair.
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We’re committed to proactive hiring of software engineers, designers and developers of all abilities. By partnering with Sierra as our 3rd Party Accommodations expert, we have retained employees because of creative solutions that Sierra recommended. Outside expertise from their years of experience is invaluable to our DEI, recruiting and retention efforts. We have been pleasantly surprised at how they have helped us identify and retain workers who might have not asked for an accommodation if we didn’t have this resource widely known and available to our team.

Marty, President IT Services Company.

Consulting and Assessments for Individuals or Organizations

Since 1992, Sierra consultants & trainers have successfully accommodated more than 10,000 employees at companies across the nation. Our expertise is available by the hour to assess and guide our clients.