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Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is defined as any device, tool or strategy that assists a person with a disability to perform a task. Like all technologies, the variety and features of assistive technology applications and hardware devices continues to grow and expand.

Sierra assistive technology keyboard and devices

Sierra was the first Assistive Technology (AT) vendor to the Commonwealth of PA’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. We continue to evaluate and recommend the best array of AT for the person’s individual and workplace needs. Customized and individualized Assessment and AT training is at the crux of our success as AT consultants. Businesses can work with Sierra to assess and train employees on AT that will serve as an accommodation and performance enhancement. Digital Technology service providers and testers turn to Sierra for connections with native AT users, as well as real world experiential situations where we’ve seen AT change outcomes.

Booking an AT Assessment

Individuals are often funded by their state’s designated unit of vocational rehabilitation. Email for more information or schedule a consultation below.

Corporations in need of AT assessment or implementation can speak to a Sierra Consultant for details. Don’t attempt to assess and manage your teams ADA accommodations needs without external expert input. Contact us today for our 3rd Party Accommodations, pay as you go service.

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The Sierra Group is a nationally acclaimed workplace consultancy that facilitates trainings to entice radical change in disability hiring practices.


Seeking Inclusion for Everyone Requiring Reasonable Accommodation

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Assistive technology pad on computer monitor
Employee using braille to read


Changing HOW you recognize and accommodate more workers with disabilities seems daunting unless you find the right training method for yourself and your team. Sierra’s courses are easy to access 24/7 at my convenience. The stories and resource examples stick with you! Our accessible recruiting results improved immediately.


National Manufacturing Company

We’re committed to proactive hiring of software engineers, designers and developers of all abilities. By partnering with Sierra as our 3rd Party Accommodations expert, we have retained employees because of creative solutions that Sierra recommended. Outside expertise from their years of experience is invaluable to our DEI, recruiting and retention efforts.


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Consulting and Assessments for Individuals or Organizations

Since 1992, Sierra consultants & trainers have successfully accommodated more than 10,000 employees at companies across the nation. Our expertise is available by the hour to assess and guide our clients.