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Sierra Consultations bring our blend of expertise in accommodation to any and all workplace settings, whether it be an office environment, or a warehouse. Because of Sierra’s longstanding experience in the field of disability & employment we are able to offer creative solutions for each, unique environment, no matter the disability (physical, cognitive, emotional, etc.).

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Sierra offers this pay by-the-hour service to cost-effectively enhance overall business outcomes by ensuring that the most qualified employees are accommodated under the ADA. By introducing our non-biased expertise into your workplace scenarios, Sierra serves as the most effective way to ensure workplace compliance, increased employee productivity, and overall superior business diversity outcomes.

Our expertise is available by the hour to assess and guide our clients:

• ADA Accommodations
• Job Coaching
• OFCCP Tracking & Compliance
• Digital Accessibility
• Assistive Technology
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Sierra Group stands as the industry leader with over 10,000 individual workplace accommodations served...

ADA Accommodation Expertise & Job Coaching

It’s not always easy or comfortable to say yes or no to an employee’s request for a reasonable accommodation. The mere mention of this request can cause fear of job security for the person asking and, concerns around productivity, co-worker reactions and more for managers and HR teams. As a 3rd party provider, Sierra’s on call or by retainer accommodation and job coaching services bridge this gap, while driving up employee retention and performance.

Having Sierra assist in accommodations and job coaching for our staff who are blind helped motivate our other call center workers to reach their goals, and it even increased overall attendance. I only wish we could use Sierra to job coach and accommodate all of our employees.

Branch Manager at Financial Services Company.

Part of the accommodation process may include, or solely be the provision of a professional job coach. Sierra’s job coaches are professionals who are experienced in 3-way communications, job duty observation and thereby design strategic coaching sessions to enable employees whose disability is affecting work performance to become more productive and confident in delivery of day-to-day workplace duties.

OFCCP Compliance & Spot Audit

Federal government contractors need to meet ever growing government rules and mandates about disability practices in recruitment and retention of employees. From career site postings, to tracking applicant information and how accommodations are offered and received companies can turn to Sierra Group for a Spot Audit and report for internal assessment and planning purposes.

Digital Accessibility

When the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was passed into law in 1990, the Internet was not mainstream, and CRMS, emails and video conferences were not yet commonplace in any company. Considering that Google launched in 1998, it is easy to see how the ADA’s intent for equal access meant to include assistive technology users and others with a variety of disabilities in the workplace, yet, specific guidance was not envisioned.

Updates abound in this realm that have expanded the term Accessibility from the physical space requirements of the 1990’s to the digital channels that we do life with in the 2020’s. From awareness to compliance can be a complex journey, or one that we can help to guide.

DIGITAL ACCESSIBILITY as a term, and a growing industry that is covered by ADA, OFCCP and DEI principles and guidelines.

The need and intent is to ensure that all information and communications technology (ICT) is developed/designed to be usable by individuals with disabilities. People who use assistive technology devices, and people with other disabilities that affect cognition, hearing, memory and vision can be inadvertently excluded when information technology does not follow US DOJ Rulings and WCAG guidelines.

The following Sierra services fall under the category of Digital Accessibility:

Awareness Training/Professional Development: See Professional Development, for our facilitated seminar on Communicating with Digital Accessibility in Mind, Tips & Tools. Additional customized awareness on this topic can be developed and deployed for your organizations teams. People teams, IT, Marketing and L&D departments all benefit from understanding the requirements of digital accessibility for an inclusive workforce. Call 1.800.973.7687 to schedule this facilitated seminar.

Spot Audit for Digital Accessibility: Learn where your organizations website, recruiting practices, online forms and training materials fit into both DEI best practices, WCAG guidelines, and expanded ADA/OFCCP compliance requirements. Call for a free 30 minute discovery session and price quote.

Website Development, Testing, and Tracking Tools: To follow your organizations ICT path to develop, remediate and maintain digital inclusion can be performed at Sierra’s lead. We work side by side with your teams and our expert partnerships. Partnerships include the Sierra-Tamman 360 Collaboration and a host of additional experts who are trained and certified to deploy technology tools that help you meet WCAG guidance. Sierra’s added touch ensures that your organizations human factors DEI initiatives match up with all of your company’s ICT tools. Call for a free 30 minute discovery session and price quote.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is defined as any device, tool or strategy that assists a person with a disability to perform a task. Like all technologies, the variety and features of assistive technology applications and hardware devices continues to grow and expand. Since 1992, Sierra, the first AT vendor to the Commonwealth of PA’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation continues to evaluate and recommend the best array of AT for the person. Customized and individualized Assessment and AT training is at the crux of our success as AT consultants.

Booking an AT Assessment

• Individuals are often funded by their state’s designated unit of vocational rehabilitation. Email for bookings and more information.

• Businesses can work with Sierra to assess and train employees on AT that will serve as an accommodation and performance enhancement. Email for more information.

• Digital Technology service providers and testers turn to Sierra for connections with native AT users, as well as AT experiential situations.

Diversity & Inclusion

Companies need a bridge between internal departments in order to include people with disabilities fully into their DEI initiatives. Beyond sensitivity and awareness, and robust outreach, ERG’s, organizations need to shore up their accommodations and digital accessibility practices, across business lines. DEI, IT, Compliance, HR, and Talent Acquisition and Marketing must all align to avoid barriers to applicants, customers or employees with disabilities.

Sierra serves this role as the niche expert for the disability component of any DEI department. This need is identified by request, or as is identified during our professional development and consulting services. Development of personnel, recruiting plans, auditing accessibility of Electronic information technologies and information communication technologies are the backbone of diversity and inclusion programs that attract and retain the best talent.

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The Sierra Group is a nationally acclaimed workplace consultancy that facilitates trainings to entice radical change in disability hiring practices.

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We are your guide and your expert resource in your journey to include people with disabilities in your workplace.

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New to the topic of Disability Inclusion? Many organizations are unsure where to begin. To discuss our Spot Audit of your current practices, or for guidance in choosing the best Sierra service to start out with, you may wish to begin with a complimentary discovery call.


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To gain immediate insight into a topic schedule time with one of our experts for $199/hr. Additional consultation time, or recommendations for assessment or learning and development courses will be discussed at the conclusion of each consulting hour.


Seeking Inclusion for Everyone Requiring Reasonable Accommodation


We already do mandatory employee training for Unconscious Bias, but when it comes to Disability Etiquette, Sierra’s one-hour online course quickly changed our thinking and helped us recognize and address many unconscious disability biases that are the result of limited exposure on these topics as they relate to disability.

Gina, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

National Manufacturing Company

The DisabilityEtiquette Course sets out an approachable degree of information that I wish, was taught to every college freshman studying Arts & Humanities, or HR! Memorable stories with grassroots appeal and resources I can use. The Digital Accessibility section was a bonus that I didn’t even expect!

Katie, Community and Officer Manager

Human Resources

Accommodation Experts & Coaches

Sierra offers this pay by-the-hour service to cost-effectively enhance overall business outcomes by ensuring that the most qualified employees are accommodated under the ADA.