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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Companies need a bridge between internal departments to include people with disabilities fully into their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

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Beyond sensitivity and awareness, robust recruitment outreach, and disability focused ERG’s, organizations need to shore up their accommodations and digital accessibility practices, across business lines. DEI, IT, Compliance, HR, and Talent Acquisition and Marketing must all align to avoid barriers to applicants, customers, or employees with disabilities.

Sierra serves this role as the niche expert for the disability component of any DEI department. This need is identified by request, or as is identified during our professional development and consulting services. Development of personnel, recruiting plans, auditing accessibility of EIT (Electronic Information Technologies and ICT (Information Communication Technologies) are the backbone of strong diversity and inclusion programs.

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This one hour online course opened our eyes to so many aspects of unconscious bias. Better yet, we gained take away tools to be more disability inclusive immediately.

Call Center Talent Acquisition Manager.

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The Sierra Group is a nationally acclaimed workplace consultancy that facilitates trainings to entice radical change in disability hiring practices.


Seeking Inclusion for Everyone Requiring Reasonable Accommodation

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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As a consultant for accessible technology and a user of screen readers myself, I highly recommend the course on DisabilityEtiquette© for Everyone to anyone looking to understand the big picture elements that surround the topic of disability and inclusion.

Suzanne, Consultant

Accessible Technology & AT User

We already do mandatory employee training for Unconscious Bias, but when it comes to Disability Etiquette, Sierra’s one-hour online course quickly changed our thinking and helped us recognize and address many unconscious disability biases that are the result of limited exposure on these topics as they relate to disability.

Gina, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

National Manufacturing Company

Changing HOW you recognize and accommodate more workers with disabilities seems daunting unless you find the right training method for yourself and your team. Sierra’s courses are easy to access 24/7 at my convenience. The stories and resource examples stick with you! Our accessible recruiting results improved immediately.


Technology Industry

My background is HR and I'm currently in education. I was surprised at how much I learned that I was not aware of! The stories and information from people with disabilities is very meaningful and memorable.


Human Resources

Consulting and Assessments for Individuals or Organizations

Since 1992, Sierra consultants & trainers have successfully accommodated more than 10,000 employees at companies across the nation. Our expertise is available by the hour to assess and guide our clients.