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Inclusive Recruitment for Everyone

Sierra Group inclusive recruitment serves both business and employees with disabilities to equip each with skills and tools for successful employment, thus helping to eradicate the high rate of unemployment for Americans with Disabilities.

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In order to hire more people with disabilities, businesses benefit from Sierra’s 3 pronged approach to inclusive recruitment.

Recruiter Training

Training for recruiters, managers and supervisors. Our asynchronous courses equip your team for the journey. Awareness training and DisabilityRecruiter© Certifications takes the guess work out of driving up disability inclusion for any company.

Direct Connections

Direct Connections with the right array of community service providers & vocational rehabilitation professionals who serve job seekers with disabilities. With 30+ years of experience in the field of vocational rehabilitation in America, Sierra’s CEO can connect your organization with the resources you need to find the talent for your jobs.

Targeted Job Board Postings

Targeted Job Board Postings demonstrate a commitment to inclusive hiring to our vast audience of Americans with disabilities looking for a new career. Posting your jobs on is fast, easy and includes data tracking tools that assist in compliance with OFCCP, and other hiring goals. (ADIP, this links to RecruitDisability external page)

Post Your Job Today

The Sierra Group is a nationally acclaimed workplace consultancy that facilitates trainings to entice radical change in disability hiring practices.

Candidates with Disabilities

Finding a job as an individual with a disability has some challenges and opportunities that benefit from our experience.

Posting Resumes & Searching for Jobs

Job seekers with disabilities benefit from Posting Resumes and Searching for Jobs on

Vocational & Assistive Technology Assessments

Call to discuss your needs or to schedule a Comprehensive Assessment. We are here to help identify ways to position you for workplace success.

Mastery of MSOffice 365 Suite, AT and Business Communication

Gain skills necessary to succeed in today’s remote or hybrid jobs from the comfort of your home at The Sierra Group Academy. Funding may be available through your state’s vocational rehabilitation agency.


Seeking Inclusion for Everyone Requiring Reasonable Accommodation

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An untapped pool of workers who want to be seen, be heard, be hired!

Nothing is more important toady. For workers with disabilities, that's a built-in advantage you can bring to your workplace right now. The job board is your link to candidates who are deeply experienced at inventing creative workarounds to suit changing environments.