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We act as an extension of your organizations learning and development department on the topic of disability inclusion. Our Facilitated Seminars can be purchased by request. We offer a complimentary discovery call to discuss your organizations maturity model on the topics of ADA, Digital Accessibility and DEI to help determine the best pathway for learning and development to begin. Our Two most popular Facilitated Webinars focus on the topics of digital accessibility and ADA accommodations. Our Online Courses are self-paced and prepare your recruiters and your team leaders to be ready to recruit, accommodation, welcome and include people of all abilities.

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Communicating with Digital Accessibility in Mind: Tips & Tools

This live facilitated seminar provides tips and tools for business professionals. Take away ability to create and deliver day to day communications for email, documents, and presentations provide an organization wide boost toward inclusion of people with disabilities. The audience for this seminar typically includes staff from the following departments: C-Suite, HR, L&D, Marketing/Communications, and Recruitment/Onboarding teams.

Outcomes from this Facilitated Seminar provide awareness and easy to reference new habits.

Participants become aware that your professional communications and content is not automatically inclusive to everyone, but it can be when communicating with digital accessibility Mind. Your efforts can make a significant difference so that someone with a disability has the same access to your information as everyone else. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s the law.

Our commitment to spreading the word about digital inclusion, accommodations and digital accessibility in all forms of online communication became critical in 2020 when the world of work changed due to pandemic lockdown mode, and the rise in reliance on digital accessibility for Americans with disabilities. 64 million working age Americans with disabilities were beholden to live and work, shop and access health care remotely, just like everyone else. Thus, the lack of “accessible” digital communication tools and apps became roadblocks to independence.

Inclusion Confusion:

Navigating between Self ID and Self Disclosure of Disability at your Workplace.

When and how to ask a candidate or an employee of disability status was established with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, then, it CHANGED with the roll out of the OFCCP 7% Rule. This led to confusion among people with disabilities, their vocational rehabilitation service providers, and recruiters and HR leaders alike.

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This Facilitated Seminar reviews the history and mandates of the various laws and regulations, the Forms to use, and the means to promote voluntary self-disclosure for tracking, while separately establishing best practices for applicants and employees to request a reasonable accommodation per the ADA. This seminar is included in our Spot Audit consulting service.

Sierra has delivered this facilitated seminar to business of all sizes, and it often goes hand in glove with our hourly 3rd party accommodations consultation services. Employees of state and federal government agencies have received this training via our work with the US Dept of Commerce, and the MidAtlantic ADA Center.

Including applicants and team members with disabilities goes beyond language and awareness. It requires learning about various legal mandates, assistive technologies, accommodation vs accessibility and the commitment to human factors culture setting practices that can make or break an organization’s ability to be an employer of choice for those with disabilities. Participants in this Facilitated Seminar are leaders and public facing team members, cross sector.

Enhance your best practices for disability inclusion with our online courses and facilitated learning and development webinars.

Since 1992, we have successfully accommodated more than 10,000 individual jobs across the nation while training and certifing 6500+ business professionals annually. These one to one accommodations and consultative corporate trainings have MOTIVATED A MOVEMENT that drives up employment of Americans with Disabilities for inclusion in each and every one of these workplaces! If you don’t see a course you need, contact us for a custom quote.

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We offer a complimentary discovery call to discuss your organizations maturity model on the topics of ADA, Digital Accessibility and DEI to help determine the best pathway for learning and development to begin.


Seeking Inclusion for Everyone Requiring Reasonable Accommodation

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We already do mandatory employee training for Unconscious Bias, but when it comes to Disability Etiquette, Sierra’s one-hour online course quickly changed our thinking and helped us recognize and address many unconscious disability biases that are the result of limited exposure on these topics as they relate to disability.

Gina, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

National Manufacturing Company

As the Program Analyst for the IDS department and coordinator for our Communications Champions Committee we were pleased to host an airing of DisabilityEtiquette© for Everyone. This program was so well received by our membership that we brought Sierra Group back for further training!

Cheryl, Program Analyst

Intellectual disAbility Services